SCUT will hold an international forum with UNESCO
2014-12-04 readCount:7095
Scene of forum
Awarding a certificate of recognition
On the afternoon of Dec. 1, Hans D’Orville, special assistant of UNESCO, awarded a certificate of recognition to Institute for Public Policy(IPP) of SCUT to honor its president MO Daoming's commitment to promoting innovative research and analysis of public policy through social sciences and humanities in the context of globalization. In addition, UNESCO and SCUT agreed to cooperate in holding an anual international forum on social development and policies in the following years.
Since 2013, IPP has held two international forums on social development and policies. The two forums focused on the formation of society policy, international reform experience and the pattern of policy change over 30 years after China’s reform and opening-up; meanwhile discussed the direction and path of China's policy reform, which had great influence at home and abroad. After multiple communication, IPP and UNESCO reached an agreement to jointly host the annual forum in the future, and the former would work as the main organizer.
PENG Xinyi, executive vice president of SCUT attended the ceremony and gave a souvenir to Mr. Hans D’Orille.
Edited by WEN Qiang and DONG Peiyun
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