Campus Construction Fund

There are two campuses in SCUT, which are the land for knowledge and innovation. However, the facilities in SCUT are hindered for the limitation of space and fund, which limits the development of the university.
Donations and support from enthusiastic volunteers are welcome and appreciated. The funds will be used for the teaching and research facilities, sports facilities, and landscape facilities. Your generosity will improve the teaching and research environment of the university and makes forever marks and commemoration in SCUT.

Cai Jianzhong (Left) and Luo Aimei (Right) Donated 20 Millions HKD to SCUT 

 (Middle: President Wang Yingjun)  

         Zhang Haiming (Left 1) and Cai Li (Left 2) Donated 10 millions RMB to SCUT 

 (Left 3: Secretary Du Xiaoming, Left 4: President Wang Yingjun)