Full-time Undergraduate Programs

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (Innovation Class)
Mechanical Engineering (Excellent Engineer Class)
Mechatronics Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Materials Molding & Control Engineering
Safety Engineering
Process Equipment & Control Engineering
School of Architecture
Urban and Rural Planning
Landscape Architecture
School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
Traffic Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (Excellent Engineer Class)
Construction Management
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
Engineering Mechanics (Innovation Class)
School of Electric Power
Electrical Engineering and Automation
Electrical Engineering and Automation (Excellent Engineer Class)
Electrical Engineering and Automation (UWA)
Energy & Power Engineering
Nuclear Engineering and Technology
School of Electronic and Information Engineering
Electronic Science and Technology
Electronic Science and Technology (Excellent Engineer Class)
Information Engineering
Information Engineering (Innovation Class)
School of Automation Science and Engineering
Automation (Innovation Class)
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Polymer Materials & Engineering
Materials Science &Engineering (Inorganic Non-metal Materials Science &Engineering)
Materials Science & Engineering (Metallic Materials Science & Engineering)
Materials Science & Engineering (English Teaching Innovation Class)
Electronic Science & Technology
Opto-electronics Information Science and Engineering (Optoelectronic Device)
Polymer Materials & Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry (Innovation Class)
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Energy Chemical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Engineering
School of Light Industry and Engineering
Light Chemical Engineering
Resources and Environment Science
School of  Food Science and Engineering
Food Quality and Safety
Food Science and Engineering
School of Mathematics
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Innovation Class)
Information and Computing Science
Information Management and Information System
School of Physics
Opto-electronics Information Science and Engineering (Optoelectronic Information)
Applied Physics
School of Business Administration
Business Administration(Business Management,Human Resource Management,Marketing, Financial Management)
Business Administration (International Class)
Business Administration(For Top Sports Students)
Industrial Engineering (2+2)
School of Public Administration
Administrative Management
School of Foreign Languages
Business English
School of Physical Education
Sports Training
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Computer Software
Network Engineering
Information Security
Computer Science and Technology (English Teaching Innovation Class)
School of Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering (Excellent Engineer Class)
Software Engineering (UWA)
School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Environmental Engineering (English Teaching Class)
Environmental Engineering (UWA)
Water Science and Engineering
School of Bioscience and Bioengineering
Bioengineering Specialty
School of Journalism and Communication
Communication Studies
Communication Studies(Journalism and Media Studies Major)2+2 Program with Rutgers University
Communication Studies(Journalism and Media Studies Major)2+2 Program with University of Missouri
School of Arts
Music Performance
School of Law
Intellectual Property
School of Economics and Commerce
International Economics and Trade
Economics (Innovation Class)
Economics and Management of Convention and Exhibition
Electronic Business
Logistics Engineering
Tourism Management
Tourism Management (International Class)
School of Design
Industrial Design
Industrial Design(Information and Interface)
Environmental Design
Product Design
Fashion and Accessories Design
School of Medicine
Medical Imaging

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